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API-Driven Platform for Creating & Managing Online Courses

Craft stunning eLearning experiences with our , tailored to your unique vision.

First 150 early birds will get 50% off the first year.Course Editor Preview
How It Works

Launch Courses in 4 Easy Steps

Create your own course platform with LectureKit and launch it with just 4 easy steps


Create your courses

Build your courses using LectureKit's course editor.


Choose a template

Select from our starter templates or create your own website.


Get your API keys

Obtain your API keys and integrate LectureKit with your website.


Launch your courses

That's it! Your courses are now ready to be accessed through your website.

Headless LMS Platform

Crafting eLearning Courses Made Simple

LectureKit API is designed to streamline the creation and management of online courses.

Drag and drop course builder

Advanced Drag & Drop Course Builder

Effortlessly craft captivating online courses with our user-friendly drag-and-drop course builder. Say goodbye to complex course building and hello to creative freedom.

Project-Based Management

Project-Based Management

Stay organized and efficient by grouping multiple courses within projects. Collaborate with your team, and manage it all seamlessly in one place.

Hosted LMS

Hosted LMS

Host your videos and content with confidence on LectureKit's secure and scalable platform. Enjoy high uptime, fast loading times, and worry-free maintenance.

Analytics & Insights

Analytics & Insights

Gain valuable insights into your course performance, assess engagement, and fine-tune your content to maximize impact.

AI-Powered Course Creation

AI-Powered Course Creation

Let AI generate course outlines and assist with crafting captivating content, empowering you to build engaging courses with unparalleled simplicity.

Building Blocks of Learning Journeys

Interactive Quizzes

Easily integrate quizzes into your courses to assess and reinforce learning.

Video Library

Manage all your project videos in one centralized library. Edit, replace, and reuse videos across multiple courses.

Fast Video Delivery

Achieve speedy video access with our optimized CDN delivery.

Mobile-Friendly Editing

Create and update content from your mobile device, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Courses Made Easy

The faster, easier way to create courses.

Efficiently shape engaging online learning experiences through streamlined course creation.

First 150 early birds will get 50% off off the first year.
Drag and drop course builder